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The first of its kind and already in it’s second edition.

About Standard Catalog of Cryptocurrencies

Since the emergence of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the selection of coins has grown from a small handful to thousands, all attempting to establish their home within this revolutionary paradigm.

With over 2000 cryptocurrencies currently available, many people are simply overwhelmed when confronting this new and exciting field.

The Standard Catalog of Cryptocurrencies has been created as an annual publication, to provide a condensed snapshot of the year’s most interesting cryptocurrencies, giving the essential information of their history, features and founders, as well as their plans for the future.

Distributed worldwide, the annual Standard Catalog of Cryptocurrencies provides investors with an unrivalled printed guide to the latest cryptocurrencies, while blockchain startups and companies benefit from an effective marketing opportunity.

Key features

  • 50+ cryptocurrencies explained — their technologies and facts.
  • Supporting illustrations throughout the entire 200 pages in full colour.
  • Gives a faithful analog rendering of the current digital crypto zeitgeist in a high quality printed book. Cryptocurrencies index of 500+ tokens.
  • High quality offset print for collectors. Thread stitching on soft-touch hardcover.


Book Information

  • ISBN: 978-1-9370011-2-1
  • Hardcover: 200 pages
  • Published: June 2019
  • Available in: English
  • Edition: Second Edition
  • Publisher: Normal Books
  • Distribution: Gazelle Books
  • Media Partner: Coinomi


The Catalog

Our audience is active, engaged, and passionate about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

They believe in the technology, they trade, hodl, and use cryptocurrencies more consistently than any other single group. Our readers view the catalog as their primary printed source of cryptocurrencies information, and our readership is almost entirely unduplicated with other titles on the market.

Our partnership with the NEM Foundation connects us to important decision-makers in the crypto world through their participation in international crypto events.