The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that have been identified after the Cryptocurrencies Catalog was released and will be incorporated into the next reprinting.
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2018 Standard Catalog of Cryptocurrencies - 1st Edition

Page 56 - DigiByte
Consensus Mechanism: PoW / PoS Should be Consensus Mechanism: PoW

Page 88 - BitBay
Currency Code: BBAY Should be Currency Code: BAY
URL: Should be URL:
History: Due to a confusion of names and the fact that there are two different entities using the name 'BitBay' (a cryptocurrency and a cryptocurrency exchange), we regret to inform that the 'History' section of the BitBay article refers to the cryptocurrency exchange, not the cryptocurrency BitBay (BAY) that is the subject of the article. Also, the end of the penultimate sentence: "an exchange - it even offers its users a credit card linked to their account that can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash from ATM machines" once again pertains to the cryptocurrency exchange and not the cryptocurrency.

Page 92 - Ubiq
Currency Code: UBIQ Should be Currency Code: UBQ

Page 143 - BitSend
Currency Code: BTX Should be Currency Code: BSD